lundi 28 novembre 2011

What can Knol authors expect from WordPress-Annotum? What Knol authors should know-Part 2


As on Part 1 of my small tutorials we have seen how the house is looking  (templates), now we need to know also how many people are allowed to be resident in that rented (for FREE) house, thus meaning:

Is it possible to create WordPress-Annotum articles with different authors?

YES. The template Annotum was especially created for this...

If your knols have multiple authors, you’ll need to map those authors to users, or you can add those users to your journal later.
See the illustration below:

Text from Theme Showcase: Annotum is an open-source, open-process, open-access scholarly authoring and publishing platform based on WordPress. Annotum provides a complete, open-access scholarly journal production system including peer-review, workflow, and advanced editing and formatting features such as structured figures, equations, PubMed and CrossRef reference import, and structured XML input and output compatible with the National Library of Medicine’s Journal Article DTD.

Thus meaning: the advanced editing allows it to use the WordPress-Annotum (ONLY Annotum) Template to work together on a same article. More info here:

Text from Moving a Google Knol to

===> If your Knol had more than one author, you may need to assign those articles to other users, or invite your coauthors to join Every coauthor who wants to move with you to will need to sign up for their own account. If your coauthors aren’t already on, you can assign articles to them later once they have created their accounts.  <===

Here below an extended view of the Annotum Template use who explains on a visual way:

Hope this helps to answer most of questions on co-author-ship...

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