samedi 31 décembre 2011

My first multi-author English knol is migrated...

My first multi-author English knol is migrated, the ancient knol “For a Better World“. 

As I don’t like to use the automatic Knol migration where there are a lot of bugs in and even some unwanted surprises, so I decided to download all my knols as a file and to choose my knols one by one to migrate them manually.
This is a lot of work as HTML needs to get changed to make it fit for WP, but I think it is worth to do this step.
BTW: It took me more than 2 weeks to adjust this knol so that it fits best for WP-Annotum, it is now +/- 98% what I wanted, so I still need to work a bit on it…
Live me please a comment to tell me what you are thinking about this new blog, thanks in advance…
BTW: I wish you ALL a happy New Year ;)

mercredi 14 décembre 2011

Season's Greetings, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from a Knol Author...

Season's Greetings, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from a Knol Author...

Merry Xmas

Find out more here where I played around with HTML in WordPress-Annotum and where you will find YouTube videos with Xmas songs and also my best wishes to everybody...

Enjoy it and sty tuned for next posts ;)

samedi 10 décembre 2011

Find your answers about the migration on my WordPress-Annotum account...


I updated my WordPress-Annotum Account and you will now find the most relevant and important answers to your questions before making the migration and even after the migration of your knols... Check out:

Actually you will find most answers about what WordPress is and that Blog will get updated permanently, also with Tips and Tricks as you were used to it on Knol through my multiple Help knols... So will it be also on WordPress-Annotum, I will provide Help about it through my blogs and Pages...

As far as I have learned something new (give me some time please...) I will post about it...

Here is the address:

It's still under construction, but it will grow like an living organism, LOL ;)

Stay tuned for next short tutorials and posts ;-)

vendredi 9 décembre 2011

My visitors don't share my posts!?


Analyzing my posts statistics I seriously feel sad about what I see, ONLY selfish interest by visitors!? Not a lot from my posts were shared by social media; thus meaning ONLY selfish interest by Knol authors who are visiting this Blog!?

Do you know that I can do the same also!? I could STOP to post on this Blog and ONLY publishing on my WordPress-Annotum account and this by making public my tutorials ONLY to well chosen authors!? This is possible also!

I would like to see more community feeling by my visitors here, otherwise I will do what I explained above ;)

If I am wrong, let me know and share the links to my tutorials in the comments section here and also on Internet, thanks in advance and have a nice w/e ;)

A 5 minutes tutorial as shown here needs 4-5 hours of preparation minimum to me, so be kind please and respect others work and share it also with others :)

Wish you all a nice w/e ;)

New small tutorial available: posts, articles, pages...


Did You Know: Annotum has posts, articles and pages…

So what is the difference? Let us start with “articles“, which is something NEW and most of people won’t understand it (I didn’t neither on the beginning when I started with Annotum…) and might be confusing… That’s why I started to make some search about it and here what I discovered:

Check out here:

===> BTW: seeing how much authors from Knol are visiting this blog (my statistics tell me that...) it would be much that appreciated that you forward it by Twitter and other social medias and not ONLY use it for your own purpose! Community, please... Not selfish thinking ;) <===

Stay tuned for next 5 minutes tutorials and posts ;)

jeudi 8 décembre 2011

New small tutorials available...


There are new small tutorials available on my WordPress-Annotum Account:

mercredi 7 décembre 2011

My blog posts well accepted on WordPress and WordPress-Annotum


I feel proud and happy about that for the second time already in 3 days time my blog posts were featured on WordPress Home Page:

and also featured here:

Looks like my messages to Knol authors are well accepted by WordPress responsibles... As certain authors might have realized also; comments on WordPress concerning Knol Migration who are open to post on in different posts from the administrators and also in the forum, are very quick made "closed", no interactions possible anymore... 

WordPress is much more civilized as Knol ever was and administrators of certain discussion enabled posts and blogs take care of their responsibility and "close" these posts when they are going out of control and out of topic... I appreciate much such decisions, there will be more sane behavior which is good for a community...

That's my personal point of view, if you have also something to share you are welcome to leave a comment...

Stay tuned for next experience exchange with the migration Knol-WordPress-Annotum and small tutorials ;)

lundi 5 décembre 2011

Knol is dead, show what you are able to do on WordPress-Annotum!


Check out my new small tutorial, which is even more a BIG wish when Knol authors are migrating to WordPress-Annotum and forget about making strange comments on Knol Help page please ;) WordPress Community is already watching us newcomers (Knol authors...), so...

Check out here:

I want also to thank the WordPress community for their warm welcome of Knol authors.

Have a nice day and best regards,

Stay tuned for next small tutorial and posts ;)

Did I brag too much???


Did I brag too much??? Some authors thought so...

Check out here: 

Enjoy it and stay tuned for next small tutorials ;)

dimanche 4 décembre 2011

Why do I present ONLY small tutorials?


Why do I present ONLY small tutorials?

This is a question I got asked a lot of times, even from the responsible people from WordPress-Annotum on my published Annotum-Account in comments...

As I am an ICT instructor (an educator...), I know (with my pedagogical background...) that people (learners...) are mostly tended against everything NEW (me included...), there is a psychological barrier somewhere in us, which is normal, which is human...

You might be interested more about this, please check out also my curations about "Procrastination" who explains a bit more... Learn more:

Knowing this, so you might understand the reason why... Small bits of knowledge and information are getting accepted much more easy by the brain and even people who don't have the necessary time (that's what they think... maybe they are overloaded with information and can't manage it...) will be able to learn it, step by step to get the necessary information for the migration Knol-WordPress-Annotum...

By this way of sharing knowledge (skills...), people don't need more than 5 minutes per post to understand the NEW ;)

Easy to follow, the deadline for migration is ONLY on May 1st, 2011... Lot of time to get used before... of the new home "WordPress-Annotum"...

Don't have the time to read completely this blog post? Why not reading ONLY the "bold"?

Enjoy it and stay tuned ;)

samedi 3 décembre 2011

Annotum on Frequently Asked Questions


Very interesting, you should read this... Here is the link Annotum on Frequently Asked Questions

Hope this helps...

Stay tuned for next small tutorial ;-)

Annotum Official Support Update...


An update from "Annotum Knowledge Base", see also screenshot below:

The "Annotum Knowledge Base" is growing with tutorials...

vendredi 2 décembre 2011

Playing around...


I am playing a bit around with WordPress and WordPress-Annotum to get used with them and to find out what is the BIG difference between them, I need to know that for writing further articles, to make myself an global idea about it...

Finding out what is the difference between Blogger and WordPress blogs...

Finding out what is Best for further publications...

Stay tuned ;)

Uploading Media on WordPress-Annotum account


Is there a maximum allowed space for uploading Multimedia?

YES, look below:

Image (screenshot) credits: WordPress-Annotum

What are the costs for "Space Upgrades"?

Have a look below for the costs (2011):

Hope this helps... Stay tuned for next small tutorials ;)