vendredi 18 novembre 2011

I Love Knol

To Knol Help Team
Don’t let authors every time scream

Give Knol more attention
Authors will thank you with affection

Fix all the bugs
Authors will give you a lot of virtual hugs

To Knol Management
When do you make a statement?
There is a missing fragment!

Listen to your Knol customers
Don’t let them be anymore only testers

Use all the technical possibilities of 21st Century tools
To make Knol more open for schools

To make Knol more professional and operational
This will make Knol more sensational

This will bring Knol more visitors
And so Knol will get more close to competitors

Be active, be creative and be innovative, 
This will make customers addictive 

That’s my call to you for motivation
Hope you understood this call for collaboration

Make Knol more known
This will make it grown

(C) Gust MEES

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