mercredi 7 décembre 2011

My blog posts well accepted on WordPress and WordPress-Annotum


I feel proud and happy about that for the second time already in 3 days time my blog posts were featured on WordPress Home Page:

and also featured here:

Looks like my messages to Knol authors are well accepted by WordPress responsibles... As certain authors might have realized also; comments on WordPress concerning Knol Migration who are open to post on in different posts from the administrators and also in the forum, are very quick made "closed", no interactions possible anymore... 

WordPress is much more civilized as Knol ever was and administrators of certain discussion enabled posts and blogs take care of their responsibility and "close" these posts when they are going out of control and out of topic... I appreciate much such decisions, there will be more sane behavior which is good for a community...

That's my personal point of view, if you have also something to share you are welcome to leave a comment...

Stay tuned for next experience exchange with the migration Knol-WordPress-Annotum and small tutorials ;)

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