dimanche 4 décembre 2011

Why do I present ONLY small tutorials?


Why do I present ONLY small tutorials?

This is a question I got asked a lot of times, even from the responsible people from WordPress-Annotum on my published Annotum-Account in comments...

As I am an ICT instructor (an educator...), I know (with my pedagogical background...) that people (learners...) are mostly tended against everything NEW (me included...), there is a psychological barrier somewhere in us, which is normal, which is human...

You might be interested more about this, please check out also my curations about "Procrastination" who explains a bit more... Learn more: http://www.scoop.it/t/21st-century-learning-and-teaching?tag=Procrastination

Knowing this, so you might understand the reason why... Small bits of knowledge and information are getting accepted much more easy by the brain and even people who don't have the necessary time (that's what they think... maybe they are overloaded with information and can't manage it...) will be able to learn it, step by step to get the necessary information for the migration Knol-WordPress-Annotum...

By this way of sharing knowledge (skills...), people don't need more than 5 minutes per post to understand the NEW ;)

Easy to follow, the deadline for migration is ONLY on May 1st, 2011... Lot of time to get used before... of the new home "WordPress-Annotum"...

Don't have the time to read completely this blog post? Why not reading ONLY the "bold"?

Enjoy it and stay tuned ;)

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