samedi 31 décembre 2011

My first multi-author English knol is migrated...

My first multi-author English knol is migrated, the ancient knol “For a Better World“. 

As I don’t like to use the automatic Knol migration where there are a lot of bugs in and even some unwanted surprises, so I decided to download all my knols as a file and to choose my knols one by one to migrate them manually.
This is a lot of work as HTML needs to get changed to make it fit for WP, but I think it is worth to do this step.
BTW: It took me more than 2 weeks to adjust this knol so that it fits best for WP-Annotum, it is now +/- 98% what I wanted, so I still need to work a bit on it…
Live me please a comment to tell me what you are thinking about this new blog, thanks in advance…
BTW: I wish you ALL a happy New Year ;)

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