vendredi 9 décembre 2011

My visitors don't share my posts!?


Analyzing my posts statistics I seriously feel sad about what I see, ONLY selfish interest by visitors!? Not a lot from my posts were shared by social media; thus meaning ONLY selfish interest by Knol authors who are visiting this Blog!?

Do you know that I can do the same also!? I could STOP to post on this Blog and ONLY publishing on my WordPress-Annotum account and this by making public my tutorials ONLY to well chosen authors!? This is possible also!

I would like to see more community feeling by my visitors here, otherwise I will do what I explained above ;)

If I am wrong, let me know and share the links to my tutorials in the comments section here and also on Internet, thanks in advance and have a nice w/e ;)

A 5 minutes tutorial as shown here needs 4-5 hours of preparation minimum to me, so be kind please and respect others work and share it also with others :)

Wish you all a nice w/e ;)

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